Indispensible for students who can't bring laptops to school

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This is not a teaching tool per se; however, this is an extraordinarily valuable resource for students who can't bring laptop computers to school and for students whose schools do not have networked drives. I love the fact that it is easy to sign up for a Google Account and I love the fact that Google Drive eliminates the need to use flash drives (which can be costly, aren't always reliable, and can be easily lost).

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I teach workforce development and employment readiness classes in local public high schools. As part of these classes, students are required to complete a variety of assignments including a resume, career exploration activities, and personal development assessments. Many of the students with whom I work need individualized one-on-one assistance to complete this assignments. Unfortunately, the internal school networks are not always reliable and some students do not understand the concept of networked folders. Additionally, students frequently lose flash drives or fail to eject them properly and data is lost. I teach in a low-income area, and students often have trouble paying for flash drives as well. Google Drive solves all of these problems. By using Google Drive, I am able to access student files from any computer with an Internet connection, allowing me to provide assistance to students anywhere in the building. Additionally, students are able to access their files anywhere in the build as well. Furthermore, Google Drive also allows students to work on their assignments at home and access them at school without worrying about using a flash drive. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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