Google drive is a solid place to create and store lesson plans, videos, and other documents, plus a bonus is that it saves everything you do automatically.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

At our school, we can hook the computer up to a projector, so I can share my notes, videos, and lesson plans with my art students. I like that it lets you create documents, folders, and you can insert other items in as well. It is very "friendly" to both techies and is pretty easy to maneuver for limited computer skills. It's pretty straight forward. I'm still navigating the "share" portion and that is sometimes confusing as to public, private, who I'm sharing with, etc.. Less choices or steps might be nice, but overall, I like using google drive.

How I Use It

I use it hooked up to the projector and share lesson plans, videos, artwork, and I also do demonstrations from things I've saved. Also, I create and save lesson plans, tests, coaching info, and grade specific notes on here. I use it to share plans with administrators and colleagues.