This is a great way to have students create shared work but can also be used to share professionally and to peer edit.

Submitted 9 years ago
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This is a very simple and fast way for students to get, create and share material. I can share an assignment with one student or a group of students. They can work individually or collaboratively and then share it back to me for feedback/assessment.

How I Use It

For example: I shared a document with my class of 6th graders. In the document I wrote instructions for an assignment and gave them an example of what I was looking for. The students then made a "copy" of that document, inserted their materials and shared it with me for feedback/assessment. Once shared with me, I can give them feedback directly in their work in the form of "comments", highlighting portions of their work and/or by typing directly into their document (for this I usually change the color of the font so they see it). I also use it for collaborative work at all levels and as an option for word processing. I use presentations for collaborative "pair/share" and I love google forms for formative assessment and student feedback/surveys.