Collaboration made Easy

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Google Drive is an easy way to have students submit, collaborate on and create work to grade. In addition, within Google Drive is Google Forms - which can be used for surveys, quizzes, exit slips, and general check ins with students. I am overtly excited about Google Drive and the possibilities it will afford to my students to access to technology. It is simple to use and access for them, who while digital natives, in our rural district, is not yet a daily or regularly used in most classrooms. I can share work with students while we all can work on, eliminating some copying and paper usage. The only negative at this point, is the Google Chat feature that students can access and is a distraction for my students.

How I Use It

I LOVE that I can do a quick five minute survey with students and all their responses are automatically formatted into a spreadsheet in Google Forms. Students can submit work easily, can conference their writing and track the changes not only with me, but with their peers. Student collaborate within the class and can also between classes, extending their learning communities in the building and even between grades. Not only with students, but I can utilize Google Drive to collaborate with colleagues and hold virtual meetings, eliminating some of the time constraints and creating a better more effective meeting.