Easier than the flash drive game, better for collaboration

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I use Google Drive personally to keep my files intact. I link many of my Google Docs to my website, so that students can easily see the files that they might need for class. I'm also starting to show students how to set up folders on Google Drive, how to share documents, and how to compose work. A lot of students are aware of how to use technology socially--these so-called digital natives might need to be taught how to name files, how to set up folders, etc. But, the benefits are worth it--my students are finding this useful since there's nothing to carry, and they can access their work in many places.

How I Use It

Personally, I use this as my drive for nearly all of my files (along with occasional back ups to an external hard drive).
I use this to provide students with feedback on written work, and students will be learning how to comment on each others' work. It's creating a functional awareness of technology, while saving some paper in the peer review process.