GoClass could be beneficial for PE growth

Submitted 5 years ago
Rachel T.
Rachel T.
San Gabriel Academy
San Gabriel CA, US
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My Take

This product seems to be a very useful technology tool to reach my students and families. The only thing that I am still working on is figuring out how to send the assignments to appear when my students access them. This is taking a bit more time than I thought, however, once I figure it out, I believe it will be a breeze.

How I Use It

I am new to this application and just downloaded it for myself to try out to prepare for this upcoming school year, therefore, I have not interacted with my students within this application. After cruising around it myself, the benefits for this APP seem to be very beneficial. A large part of my PE instruction is helping create HABITS for a healthy lifestyle. This application will allow me to give my upper grade level students (6-8) the chance to report online their fitness or activity when they do not have class. This application also allows for me to link them to videos to watch in regards to Health, Body, Activities, and How-To videos. It also allows me to use multiple lessons with multiple grades by an easy access code. This seems like it is also a great place to encourage parent involvement.