Teachers and students can create entertaining animations to present information or demonstrate learning.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I like that in GoAnimate there are many choices for themes to choose from. Some are more complicated and sophisticated, and others are more simple. There is one animation theme that only requires the user to choose between a few animal choices, and then simply type in the text to be spoken. On that particular theme the animation is already set, so it requires less tinkering, which might be good with younger students or students with limited computer skills. Students have a lot of fun with this app because of the many choices of characters, motions, and props. I like that it works well for one individual, but also can be used for groups of students to collaborate and create projects together. My students have put together some great projects that were successful in demonstrating their learning in a way that showcased the depth of their learning. The animations are able to be exported as a link or even embedded in an LMS or website, which makes this ideal for online or blended learning situations. Overall, great app.

How I Use It

I have used GoAnimate to create announcements, instructions, or project examples for my students, which I embed in my online classes for them to view. My favorite way to use it is to have students use GoAnimate to create projects that demonstrate their learning. The possibilities are endless with GoAnimate. Students can create a scene between to characters in a piece of fiction or two historical figures. Students can explain a concept through animation or role-play a scenario in any content area. GoAnimate provides an engaging and entertaining platform for learning and sharing their learning with their peers, teachers, and online audiences.