Very engaging program allowing students a lot of flexiblity

Submitted 9 years ago
Brenda G.
Brenda G.
Cabin John Middle School
Potomac MD, US
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This program is very engaging for students of all levels.

How I Use It

Our school was able to get a classroom paid account. This allows the teacher to do batch imports of students. This took a little time but allowed the students to use their school provided login and password. I have created several lessons in which students write book reviews, describe a science topic or concept, explain school rules, cyberbullying, etc. Students created a storyboard to map out their animation before starting in the software. They also wrote a script prior to starting. Students must learn the importance between written and phonetic spelling so that their animation characters speaks the words as intended. The program allows for a lot of differentiation and complexity based on student abilities and interests. The finished products were then displayed on class wikis, school website, and morning TV show. Students can use the product at school and home. The teacher is able to download the files to save as exemplars for the future.