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Price: Free to try, Paid
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Pros: Great interactive and sharing features let users present information with text, images, and multimedia elements.

Cons: The Glogpedia contains glogs on all sorts of topics, some of which may not be appropriate for younger kids to explore.

Bottom Line: Unique presentation tool offers empowering opportunities for self-expression.

Teachers need to create an account and should create a free trial account first to explore the site before paying to use it in a classroom with students. The site guides users through its excellent tutorial videos -- the best place to start. Teachers can also gain inspiration on using glogs through Glogster's Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter communities. Then teachers can set up classes and invite students to use Glogster through the teacher dashboard. Teachers can view student progress on glogs and grade glogs through the dashboard. 

Teachers can use this as a tool to display knowledge: Have students present information they've learned, allowing them to create glogs for individual or group collaboration work. They should remember principles of good design: Use concise language, choose high-impact graphics and images, and use appropriate videos and songs to convey clear messages.

Glogster is a website devoted to self-expression and presentation of knowledge. It allows users to create glogs, which are online posters that contain text, images, and multimedia elements. Users can upload their own images or use images and elements provided on the site. When first beginning a glog, users choose from templates and can use the creation toolbar to add text, graphics, and images; change the wallpaper; and add audio, video, and other types of data.

The site has a social dimension: Users can post their glogs to the Glogpedia, a social site where users can see the glogs of many other users. Gloggers can post comments, rate glogs, and add friends on the site. The site also awards “G points” to users for creating glogs, inviting friends, and embedding glogs in their online profiles. Glogs can be set to public or private.

Simply stated, a glog is an online poster, yet it offers much more through its multimedia components and its ability to be shared with others. Students will learn about digital design and explore how to display different forms of media on their glog. Students will gain new conceptual understanding of how to showcase content and will be able to organize their thinking visually with impact. Keep those privacy settings in mind: It will be best for your students to set their glogs to private, and you should be cautious about letting kids roam around the site, since some glogs may not be kid-appropriate. However, if you spend some time rooting around the Glogpedia, you can easily find some stellar, classroom-ready glogs to get them inspired.

Overall, the site is great for creation and outstanding visual, interactive displays. The thought that kids put into their glogs and the variety of media they use will benefit them most, helping kids explore their creativity while understanding how to effectively present information in an informative and interactive way. There's not a ton of guidance along the way, but with detailed teacher guidance -- and some careful curation of what's OK to explore -- this could be a neat presentation tool for your classroom.

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Its unique design and presentation elements allow users to actively engage in presentations, and allow audiences to engage too. Students will enjoy making their own meaning and showcasing it for others in an interactive, online poster board.


Students will create one-of-a-kind designs with text, images, and multimedia elements, but may need expectations outlined by a teacher ahead of time. Users take an active approach in their design and presentation skills.


The site offers "Glogster School," a comprehensive training site with online courses full of tutorial videos and downloadable content. Super-active social media posts offer tips and best-of lists from the Glogpedia.

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Used this tool for years but I am disappointed that video links can no longer be embedded

The embedd video tool no longer works. Glogster support directed me to use links to external videos instead but it does not create the same effect. I might as well use a free tool if the video no longer works as expected. I have decided that I will no longer use this tool after this year's project is done. This bug has been a problem for at least a year now.

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