A thinking person's approach to geography

Submitted 6 years ago
James D.
James D.
Educator/Curriculum Developer
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Geoguessr is ideal for getting people thinking. With minimal clues, students and teachers have to use their knowledge of geography (which is not just memorising a map) to figure out a location. Factors like climate, vegetation, topography, and resources all come into play. Students draw upon their knowledge of these to come up with answers.

How I Use It

I have found that Geoguessr works best in pairs. Students generally get really excited working together to figure out locations/solutions to the geography puzzle. I usually do one or two as a whole class to start to get students to begin looking at the image in an analytical way. What do things look like? What clues are there from the topography? What clues are there from the style of construction, the roads, etc. Once they see how many clues there are in an image, they run with it.