Exploring the World through Google Maps! Guess where you are by studying your surroundings!

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I think this is a great website that allows students to explore locations on a map. Instead of just seeing the location on a map, it allows them to view the landscape, people and environment. Some of them found the arrows and scrolling a little difficult to maneuver, but overall they caught on quite easily. Since it is a website, there was no sign-up or account required, which is really nice. I also appreciate that they can play or practice this skill anywhere. Many of my students have accessed it at home, and even involved their parents in the guesses!

How I Use It

I used this website in my 6th grade Geography class to support student’s understanding of the differences in geographical regions around the world. It was very easy for students to access the website and get started. Students chose different types of maps to be tested on. For example, some chose to stay within the United States, while others chose to be tested on the entire world. Once play began, a picture popped up on the screen and they began to explore their surroundings, and try to figure out where they were. They looked at such things as landforms, terrain, street signs, types of houses, or people in the area to help them formulate a guess. Once they submitted a guess, they were shown how close they actually were. It quickly became a competition within my classroom to see who could be the closest to their actual location. Students really enjoyed exploring on the maps, and always ask to play Geoguessr during free technology playtime!

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