Letsgeddit.com is an easy-to-use digital platform that provides real-time actionable data on student comprehension levels, along with serving as a personalized self-assessment and student-teacher communication tool.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

Great for enrichment in a traditional classroom and for targeted feedback in a self-paced, blended classroom. If students get ahead of the rest of the class, providing additional enrichment is as easy as clicking “ask question.” When different students are working on separate activities simultaneously, they can independently check their responses against exemplar answers to self-correct. This frees up the teacher to provide targeted support and small-group intervention. While I use this mostly for math-based chemistry questions, its uses extend to all subject areas.

By integrating metacognition and private communication into a simple question and answer platform, letsgeddit.com brings together a dynamic system of tools that any teacher can use to tweak lessons in real-time. Differentiation and formative assessment are the strongest weapons I have in my classroom, and letsgeddit.com plays an integral role in each.

Having said that, the fact that the lessons have to be started and stopped by the teacher (along with every question requiring a start and stop) for students to use them is a tad frustrating. But as the service is free, I can’t complain. Ideally, I would love to see the ability to attach learning targets to each question and then allow students to self-assess their understanding of those instead of individual questions. Then, those responses could be archived and displayed graphically to show students the improvement in comprehension that comes from increased exposure to each topic.

All in all, a high-quality edtech product. I highly recommend it.

How I Use It

I operate in a 1:1 student to iPad chemistry classroom and letsgeddit.com is an integral component of my teacher feedback process. This platform allows me to create lessons and then insert questions in a multiple choice, free-response, or poll format. Included are options to add pictures or math equation symbols. When I click start class on my tablet, students dig into content and check their understanding of each topic with the questions I have created - almost like digital whiteboard check-for-understanding. Students self-assess after each attempted question on a 1-5 scale, and I can instantly see their identified comfort levels for every one. This serves as a great "taste test" or "dipstick" of the class' current comprehension as a whole and as an identifier of which individual students will benefit from additional support. In this fashion, differentiation is a seamless part of the class structure. Letsgeddit.com provides data on questions containing potential student misconceptions, and I guide students to specific activities or provide feedback that will strengthen their understanding of the topic.

Students can work on different sections of a lesson asynchronously, and still receive targeted feedback based on their answer choices. I've seen that this often sparks spontaneous student-student discussions about their misunderstandings, allowing me to take a step back and let my classroom run itself.

The "raise your hand" feature importantly includes a private, direct communication component that shy students can use to signal to me that they need help or further clarification. Without singling out students who are lost, I can move around the classroom and point out potential pitfalls to clear up gaps in knowledge.