Gameup offers a great variety of content related games and ties the games in beautifully with brainpop content including videos and related activities.

Submitted 8 years ago
Steve I.
Steve I.
William Annin Middle School
Basking Ridge NJ, US
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My Take

Brainpop's GameUP! is fantastic. Brainpop has created some of their own games and partnered with great developers to provide a game based learning approach to learning a variety of skills and concepts. One of the things I like best is the fact that the site integrates the game as part of a complete package with related learning materials. If a teacher is teaching fractions, students could be guided to the game, but right on the same page they will find resources including videos, lesson plans, and other activities to further support the learning. Do yourself a favor and check out GameUP! and see how you can utilize it to enhance and supplement your instruction while engaging students.

Please note. For setup time it is hard to determine the amount of time to indicate. Setting it up takes no time, but of course it takes time to look through the resources and find those that are most relevant to your teaching.

How I Use It

I use Brainpop's GameUP! as a tool to share with educators through Professional Development. It is my hope that more and more educators will be able to incorporate it's use with their students once they see the powerful learning opportunities. GameUP! has games that relate to almost every content area so I can share the information with a room full of educators and it is relevant for all of them.

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