Personalize math pratice online, as well as printables

Submitted 9 years ago
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I like this product and plan to continue to use it with my students. It really promotes and sticks with Common Core. This is vital for my school. It could be more kinesthetic and hand on, but it does have some virtual manipulatives. I like that my students can easily show their work. Also, for those ELL students or students who struggle with reading, it can read the questions out loud. Very help with 2nd graders! Lastly, the quick videos to teach and reteach are vital to helping the students understand the problem.
While It is great that it has targeted math practice as printables for students who can't stay on the Ipad the whole time, but I didn't really use it. I have so many other printables for my students it didn't seem worth while.

How I Use It

Front Row is great for targeting math skills for your students. It starts off with a baseline test to determine the students skills, regardless of grade level. I really like how open that is so I can allow lower students to work on previous skills, but in my class I used it for my advanced students, to see what areas they had already mastered and what new skills they should work on. It really helps to work on it weekly and check the feed to see how students are progressing and where they need help.

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