Could Have Been Good.....but the Educational Aspect Needs to be Better

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I loved the intro, but I don't care for the game. I don't think it adds educational value as it really is just a matching game that does not reference the educational aspect as you play the game. If they could have explanations of the genetic ordering, and really take us through more of the scientific process the game would be better

The other thing this makes this game a hard sell is that it is a Facebook Game. There are so many issues with having a game on Facebook, and most school districts have it blocked

How I Use It

I would not use this product. It's a game that has a good concept of trying to teach genetics through trees with a matching game. What does not work is the fact that the genetics and educational aspect of the game is in nothing more than the intro. After that the game is just really a matching game