Flowing with Focabulary!

Submitted 5 years ago
Capathia C.
Capathia C.
Media Specialist
Hebbville Elementary
Windsor Mill MD, US
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My Take

Flocabulary is an excellent interactive learning tool. Flocabulary embraces the 4 C's in such a creative way. This online tool takes the 4C's above and beyond the basics by using educational hip-hop songs and videos. Flocabulary definitely taps into the 21st century learner, especially with the TPACK Framework. Students are engaged once the first beat is dropped!
Flocabulary moves the students throughout the different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. Students are able to produce and create lyrics by using the provided vocabulary words.
I like the pause and play button. This is a great tool to use for Whole Class Discussions, Small Group Discussion, and Think-Pair-Share activities.
Flocabulary benefits my media center because all of the hip-hop songs support the standards not just for the library but also for the general classes. Students are engaged from the first "beat” of the video. This helps with behavior issues in the media center. Flocabulary supports all learning styles, especially the kinesthetic learner.

How I Use It

I use Flocabulary in the media center when introducing a new topics. I also use The Week in Rap Junior to engage students to read and follow current events in the news. My students enjoy the music, beats and the Hip-Hop Sound, while they are learning new vocabulary words.