Great way to share feedback on video

Submitted 1 year ago
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I didn't have any issues with the software in my experience. I was introduced to this product during a teacher inservice to help educators create lessons during distance learning.

How I Use It

Flipgrid is a great tool and I had a very positive experience. I plan on using it more often in the coming school year even during face to face learning. Students have fun making videos and they participate more willingly. I received great feedback from the kids and received better answers to discussion questions than when I asked for a written response.
Students usually have a fear of public speaking. Using Flipgrid, students can video themselves answering questions, making presentations and participating in discussions. This is a great tool to introduce students to public speaking. Kids today are very comfortable with creating videos on their social media, and this is a way to incorporate that into the classroom to make it more engaging and to encourage participation. Flipgrid is integrated with Canvas and was a great tool for distance learning as well.