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Gina I.
Gina I.
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It is a great tool to get to know your students. Flipgrid acts like a social media app, but for the classroom! The students can do this through the Flipgrid website or the app. My students prefer the app. You create a topic with questions and the students record a video to answer the questions. The time limit is 5 minutes. The students can comment, like, or reply using a video! My students love this because they all want to be YouTube stars! Students can record on their phones, laptops, or tablets. I created a reminder document for them with FlipGrid tips.

How I Use It

Last year, with remote learning or in-person learning, FlipGrid is was a really powerful way to have students respond to a lab, or prompt or demonstrate one of Newton’s Laws of Motion. I can't wait to use it again this school year! I, as their teacher, can even provide video feedback to them. Even students in the Special Education and English-Language Learning programs can use FlipGrid with ease to connect with myself and their fellow classmates. Assigning students homework with a FlipGrid to record responses or demonstrate science concepts will reinforce their learning. I really wanted to see my students and stay connected during our digital learning and as we transition into a hybrid. FlipGrid is an awesome way to do this!