Engaging, fast, student-centered, and FUN!

Submitted 3 years ago
Jodie D.
Jodie D.
Thomas High School
Webster NY, US
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My Take

This is one of my favorite new tools in the classroom. Students are using all of their skills to create video, to show what they can do, and to show what they have learned. My only critique is that I wish students could give written comments to each other instead of just video feedback to each other. Lastly, I love how active Flipgrid is on twitter. They give instant feedback and encouragement, and there is a whole community of users to interact and learn from on social media.

How I Use It

I have used this with 9th graders to summarize and analyze the prologue of Romeo and Juliet. I have also used this multiple times with 11th graders to share practice thesis statements they wrote and to share literary analysis. I love it because students write their thesis statements or analysis and are usually reluctant to revise. But, suddenly when there will be an immediate audience and it's a video, they revise over and over again before they record. I also use it for peer feedback and teacher assessment. Additionally, I have offered professional development to other teachers on creating accounts and using Flipgrid in the classroom. Flipgrid makes it easy to teach others because they have set-up tutorials teachers can use. Teachers can use Flipgrid immediately; there is such quick turn-around time. I had teachers emailing and tweeting me the next day to show me how they used it in their classrooms.