Flipgrid is a great way to show evidence of student learning!

Submitted 4 years ago
Mary Emilia R.
Mary Emilia R.
Brown Middle School
Forney TX, US
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My Take

I think it is a great way to incorporate technology and allow student voice. It is simple to use and is very versatile.

How I Use It

Students can use Flip Grid to show evidence of their learning across content areas. You can use it as an exit ticket, show prior knowledge of a topic or to summarize reading. The only difficulty I have run into is if you have multiple students trying to record in a classroom at one time. It can get noisy and makes the videos hard to hear. Some solutions I have seen for these are the "Flipgrid Tents" where students can go to record, or simply having groups take turns or go out to the hallway while they record.