Empowering Student Voice!!

Submitted 4 years ago
Stephanie  T.
Stephanie T.
I.S 75 Frank D Paulo
Staten Island NY, US
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My Take

I think Flipgrid is fabulous! My students get so excited to record themselves. I also love how simple it was to import my students using Google Classroom. One thing that my students had a tough time with was splitting their screen so that they could record and see their work at the same time. **Helpful hint, for students that are feeling a little shy at first, you can offer them to put a post-it on their camera and record themselves that way. I noticed this allowed my students to feel more comfortable and proceed with their assignment.

How I Use It

My students and I have used Flipgrid a few times. The first was at the end of last school year. First students wrote a letter to my future students explaining what they would be learning next year as well as tips for succeeding. Next, they used Flipgrid to record their advice so that my coteacher and I would be able to show it to our next year's students. Additionally, my students have used Flipgrid to publish their personal narratives. Once they finished recording students were able to view each other's and give feedback by making a recording or writing comments.