Great video response resource for formative assessment, collaboration and more...

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Overall, this is a robust video response tool for formative assessments and gaining quick feedback on how students are engaging with material. It is an easy tool for students to share ideas with others. The organization of classes and the posting of questions allows for easy teacher tracking over time.
The video aspect engages most students as they seem to prefer 'seeing' each other speak rather than only reading text. Flipgrid changes the texting dynamic of backchanneling, etc.. My students were highly interested in exploring the grid on their own.
This is a great tool to add to your 'backpack' of tools for when you need something to allow for sharing of ideas, feedback, engagement in dialogue, etc...

How I Use It

Flipgrid is a great way to quickly assess how your students are connecting and applying new information. Flipgrid allows for an entire class (of any size) to present a 90 second video response to teacher or student generated questions. The learning community can then interact with various postings by sending short messages or 'hearts' to show support of an idea.
One way that I recently used Flipgrid was to create a bank of recommendations for middle school Spanish novels by 125 fifth graders. The students loved creating their recommendation and are excited for next year's students to use the gird to find a new book to read. The Grid is on a public computer in the library and posted in Google Classroom.
I have used this tool to have the class introduce themselves to the learning community at the start of the year.
I have used Flipgrid for classroom discussions on novels, current issues for feedback on class activities, etc...

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