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Fingerprint: Whole Wide World, Fun Learning Games for Kids 5-8

Kids explore the world, virtually, through cute, colorful mini-games

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Critical Thinking, English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: This simple social studies app slips in some academic concepts.

Cons: Some games border on repetitive.

Bottom Line: Whole Wide World is a fun way to introduce young kids to foreign countries and cultures.

It would be nice to see some additional information about or suggested activities related to each country, which could spark extension learning in the classroom. Still, this is a good introduction for younger elementary school-age kids to other cultures and countries around the world.

Editor's Note: Fingerprint: Whole Wide World, Fun Learning Games for Kids 5-8 is no longer available for download.

You'll find no heavy-duty lessons or quizzes here, just learning through games, with kids listening to audio as they view scenes and objects related to different countries.

First, create an account for both teacher and kid, then tap the avatar associated with the kid's account to "explore the world, one game at a time." Spin the globe with a finger, tap on the country you want to learn about, and press Play to begin an adventure with mini-games such as puzzles, racing, and matching. A lot of the mini-games require tilting the device to catch objects or avoid pitfalls. Some games require letter identification; others, matching. Country-specific stamps and postcards are awarded as prizes.

Fingerprint: Whole Wide World, Fun Learning Games for Kids 5-8 is a fun way to help kids learn about world geography, cultures, and ecosystems, while practicing basic skills in math, letter recognition, thinking, and reasoning. Kids also learn to use technology, as they can email the postcards they earn to teachers or parents and create audio messages.

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World geography and cultures engage kids in Fingerprint: Whole Wide World as they earn stamps and a postcard from each country they visit. Graphics are visually appealing and learning is kid-friendly.


Tilt-the-device racing action enlivens some mini-games, but all include light learning, such as viewing the Australian Outback's ecosystem in the background.


Brief tutorials play before mini-games, and kids get basic overviews of what to do next in the larger game. It would be nice to see ideas for extension activities based on each country.

Common Sense reviewer

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Great interactive app that takes you around the world!!

Overall I really enjoyed using this app and could see myself using it in the classroom. It offers fantastic graphics and fun challenges all while learning about the world. I liked how when you complete a challenge it offers you information on the topic. For example I found the word Mummy and it gave me several snippets of information on mummies and the role they play in Egypt. It would be a great tool for any classroom!

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