Intro to pre Photoshop photography processes

Submitted 8 years ago
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This is a great little app for Photography and/or Digital arts teachers. It delves into how photographs were manipulated before the introduction of Photoshop. Most students do not have exposure to traditional photography methods anymore and this is a good introduction in a photography / digital arts classroom at how 'trick photography' was done.

How I Use It

Students are fascinated by these methods and by these techniques. To get my students to understand how photography tricks were created before Photoshop, I used this app as a 'teacher led' discussion of techniques. Students were then able to go through it in more depth on their own time and complete the quiz for an 'extra credit' grade. Students then tried to recreate some of these techniques inside Photoshop. By understanding that these techniques were done before computers, it made it easier for students to see the 'why and how' of photo manipulation.