BEST Choice among the White Board App Options for Flipping/Documentation

Submitted 8 years ago
.. jonathan r. werner ..
.. jonathan r. werner ..
Cape Elizabeth High School
Cape Elizabeth ME, US
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My Take

Out of several other similar products, my PLN and TLC have both landed on Explain Everything as the best choice as an interactive whiteboard. It has a very simple initial set up, but then countless additional features are embedded and easily accessible once you are comfortable with the interface.

How I Use It

For our 1:1 iPad program (Grades 5-12), Explain Everything is the key Digital Whiteboard app for us. It allows students and teachers to create content and demonstrate understanding and integrate many different types of media (photos, movie, voice, pointer, text, drawing/handwriting...) For example, it is a VERY user friendly tool for flipping content as well (think Khan Academy) and for student presentations.