Awesome tool! I loved it!

Submitted 4 years ago
Alaina M.
Alaina M.
Simon Kenton High School
Independence KY, US
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My Take

I loved it! It was very engaging and unique. It allowed students to explore new places without ever leaving their seats. The teacher was able to lead the expeditions or the teacher could have a student lead the expedition. I really liked this because it let students have the choice of exploring what they want. I also loved all the different options! There were coves to discover, old buildings, the human body, etc. It really encompassed everyones interests and kept everyone engaged. The only thing I did not like about it was it caused motion sickness. I was not the only one to experience it but I am sure that is just a common side effect of virtual reality.

How I Use It

This product was great for letting students see new things that they may have never been able to see before! You go on an expeditions to see old places and new places. You see things on land and under water. There was one expedition that let you explore the upper respiratory system! It was really engaging and allowed you to see and think of things in a new way. Since you were enclosed in the cardboard it shut all other visuals out and you only saw that. It was really neat!