Go nearly anywhere in the world!

Submitted 4 years ago
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I loved it, and so did my students. My students will probably never be able to visit some of these places, so being able to bring them there virtually was a huge advantage. We all know that field trips have a lasting impact on students, and by having them virtually take these field trips, they are able to remember and understand the information better. Aquila Education also provided free lessons, which is great. The lessons are Common Core/Next Gen aligned and come with everything you need to jump right in (student worksheet, slides, lesson plan)

How I Use It

My school purchased a VR kit from Aquila Education, and it worked great. Everything we needed was included, and the app was already installed on the student devices, which saved loads of time. I used Expeditions with my students in a history class to bring them to places that we were studying. The kids were SO engaged and loved it. At the time we were studying Rome, so I was able to actually bring them to the Colosseum and show them what it looks like. We also visited Athens and a few other locations in Europe. We also play a game sometimes call "Where in the World" where I bring the students to a location and they have to guess where they are. They love it!