Exit Ticket provides real time collaboration assessment! A great tool for teachers!

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

Personally, I think exit ticket is the best easiest and best app to use to conclude a lesson. The app allows to students to answer questions while providing them immediate feedback. My favorite thing about exit ticket is that when students answer questions incorrectly it can give them (customizable) feedback on why the answer they choose was incorrect and why there was a better answer. The kids love to use this application and look forward to collaborate with other students. The only downside is that plenty of the technology (one to one or groups) is needed.

How I Use It

Exit ticket is a great tool for any classroom that is blessed to have technology. I use exit ticket for pre-assessments, closings, collaboration, and to lead into discussions. The app is so useful because it will provide immediate feedback for students to help explain why answers are what they are. I usually customize my own assessment for the students. The students love using the technology to quickly answer questions. The way I use it the most is at the end of every class the students must take a "today in review" in order to assess what they have learned that day. Then we discuss other possible choices as we get ready to leave class.