Real time results for assessing student learning is great for pre-assessment and forming small groups for instruction

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Exit Ticket has been a great tool to use in my classroom for pre-assessment purposes. I give my fourth grade math students a weekly "Launch" assessment previewing the material for the week. There are also options for a quick poll, a mid-lesson check for understanding, and a formative check for understanding after the lesson is complete. I hope to explore these options more in the future. It has worked well for my class for the purpose of pre-assessment and for formulating groups for my students' needs.

While it has been great for my class, there is a learning curve to the site. It was a little confusing for me as a teacher to get up and running, and the first couple of times my students used it there were some confusions with them as well around logging in, accessing the assessments, and how to find a quiz again if the quiz times out. It would help if there were videos or a sample class with data to view for teachers to learn how the site works from a student view before starting with their classes. The first time I saw the student view was when my students actually logged on in class. We learned together, but it would have been nice to be able to view that and work with it before actually presenting it to the students.

How I Use It

Exit Ticket has multiple options for assessment, but I mostly use it for pre-assessment purposes. I love that I can give my students a quick, 5 question quiz about the upcoming material for the week and Exit Ticket makes small groupings for the week for me! The questions can also be set to give the students immediate feedback on their answers so that they can reflect on what they answered and think about how they could have done better, and what they need to focus on learning that week. There are preset assessments, or you can create your own to match your instruction. This week I used Exit Ticket to give a rounding pre-assessment and had multiple students say in small group, "If I had known this strategy while doing my Exit Ticket quiz, I would have gotten them all right." They are attaching meaning to what they are doing and recognizing the purpose for the quiz. It's setting the students up for the week's learning and giving them a purpose in their learning throughout the week.

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