So, YOU want to be President, huh?

Submitted 9 years ago
Michael G.
Michael G.
Bayshore Middle School
Leonardo NJ, US
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My Take

I think the rigor and pace are perfect for the simulation. It makes the students think, comprehend, and assess actions.
I would like a pause feature so that some students have more time to read the laws, reports, and mails.
I think the counter for the term could be revised so that students are more aware of how much time is left in their term.

How I Use It

This is the second year I have used "Executive Command" in the classroom, however, this is the first year that I have set up a game simulation leader board. The students "beg" me to allow them to play it in class! They go back to that one game in particular multiple times and try to do all the tasks quickly and efficiently. It has become a class status if you can earn over 4500 points.
It really does a great job simulating the term of the president and how the presidency is not just one job; rather multiple jobs that are all intertwined. Excellent resource!