Need a lesson for a sub? Here it is.

Submitted 7 years ago
Eileen L.
Eileen L.
J.H.S. 074 Nathaniel Hawthorne School
Oakland Gardens NY, US
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My Take

As long as the modules stay relevant, this will speak to students in a real way. One of the modules uses "Youville" as the social network site which seems dated, but the kids still get the idea behind the message.
There are sometimes no real right and wrong answers, which is good. They need to see the consequences of their choices.
Real world skills are not covered in many subjects, this solves that problem. It's a valuable resource.

How I Use It

Everfi is self-directed, so this program is great for substitute teachers to use. It can also be a good task to occupy the class while you work with students individually on something. It can even be assigned for homework.
They can't click through the tasks either, they have to wait until the narrator is done speaking before they can move forward.
The problem is if you don't have headphones for each student, you're in trouble. They are listening to directions, so headphones are required.