I use Everfi Financial, Ignition, and Venture for my classes. You can get it for free!

Submitted 8 years ago
Robin R.
Robin R.
Republic High School
Republic MO, US
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My Take

I think Everfi does a good job on providing an interactive learning experience for students. At any time students have access to a glossary to look up terms they do not understand. They can go back and review sections as needed. We have had some problems with the latest update working with our system, but Everfi is working on solving that problem. At first technical support was not very good, but we made it clear that we could no longer use the product if they did not work to solve our issues. It is has been much better since then.

How I Use It

I got started with Everfi Financial. The foundation that created these simulation/certifications works with banks in each state and has the bank pay for the subscription for Everfi Financial. Once you are signed up for and getting students certified (you will be required to complete a % of your student population) Everfi will open up other modules. We use Everfi Financial as part of our curriculum for Personal Finance so we have no problem meeting the percentage requirement. Everfi Financial, Ignition, and Venture are all great resources for students to learn more about finances, basic computer operations and internet safety, and entrepreneurship. They use videos and interactive pictures to teach students about the concepts being taught. I use it as a reinforcement tool, but it can easily be used to introduce a new topic as well.You can monitor student progress and students cannot be certified unless they score 70% or above on all modules.