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Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

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Complete Set of Visual libray intricately designed for NSES CURRICULUM

1.) Saves lots of time for a teacher:
A teacher might have to spend substantial amount of time imparting first-hand information of any concept in the classroom. This part of teaching is quite general. So this impartation can be reliably performed using the Videos of, which are concised to the K12 coverage. This can be followed up with other examples related to concept, as preferred by an individual teacher.
A teacher can then conduct the Quiz test available in the content library. This straightaway sets the platform to instantly identify the general as well as individual gray areas and address those areas in the class.
As a result, at the end of every session where tool have been used, the effective Concept building and Understanding of the whole class is observed to be entirely at different level.

2.) It is completely engaging:
Often students tend to lose interest as the hours pass across the day in a classroom. But with such Visual Teaching Content, the students have been observed to engage far better in the explanations, anytime of the day, especially since the Visualization, and usage of VFX and SFX are found to be at par with high quality graphics used in entertainment Industry!!

3.) Better Retention:
Simply said, greater engagement to Visual explanation results in far better UNDERSTANDING and RETENTION of the concepts.

4.) Improved Score / Results :
All the factors finally contribute towards raising the score of an individual, as well as that of the entire class. And the change is QUITE SIGNIFICANT!!!

No doubt, it's a Prime Teaching tool one SHOULD have in this Tech age!!!

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