Fun, engaging program for Kinder learners

Submitted 1 year ago
Veronica R.
Veronica R.
Corpus Christi School
Port Chester NY, US
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My Take

I really like that I can assign activities or just let them learn on their own. I have an ELL student who needed additional alphabet practice and I was able to assign work specifically for her. I also have two students working at an advanced learning that I can provide lessons to increase their learning and make it fun. I like the diversity of skill practices that my students are able to work on. I like that I can assign specific skills for them to practice. I like the self-leveling that is provided by espark, so when they practice independently, I know it is on their level.

The one difficulty I have found, is that some videos do not work. After a couple attempts, I am able to move them to the next learning skill.

How I Use It

When I first introduce it to my Kindergarten students, they have not seen it at all, nor know how to use it. I begin with showing them how to access it. I do type their usernames and passwords out on an index card for them to begin to learn their name. I like that I can individualize or even use the same password for each student. We work through a lesson together, so they can see what to do and how to advance to a new lesson. As they begin to use it independently, I have them come to me with questions. Soon they know what to do for each step and do so independently. It's very easy to assign an activity or reinforce learning or to introduce a new idea. As they improve, it has a self-leveling feature that adjusts to the student's learning. My advanced students are challenged to learn more and students who need some additional practice, are able to have it presented in various learning styles.