Epic books is an awesome app we use for researching, reading fluency, comprehension quizzes, writing,,educational videos, cool reading badges, & printable resources. We absolutely love tracking our reading using Epic books caterpillar challenge!

Submitted 4 years ago
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In my opinion, Epic books is an awesome teaching tool for several reasons. One reason I like Epic books is because of the variety of books students can read. For example, students can choose fiction or nonfiction books. Also, Epic books has tons of educational videos students enjoy watching! Finally, my students love earning reading badges. I believe this is extremely important because reading longer ensures stronger reading skills! In addition, they love using Epic books for reading research projects. As a teacher, Epic books is an easy tool to use for reading comprehension. I can create quizzes for my students according to their individualized reading levels. Currently, our class is doing the reading challenge-we have read over 4,000 books thus for this year! Our goal for this year is 5,000 books. My students get so excited when Epic books sends us a Congratulations you have earned a reading badge for our caterpillar reading goal poster that hangs outside our classroom in the hallway for everyone to see our progress! So now you can see why Epic books is our class favorite reading website!

How I Use It

Our students use Epic books for research, comprehension quizzes, writing, setting reading goals, & the learning videos are especially cool!