A game that allows students to manipulate a city and observe the ecological impacts over time.

Submitted 9 years ago
Matt M.
Matt M.
Deer Valley High School
Glendale AZ, US
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My Take

I think this would be neat as an extension activity and to reinforce concepts covered in class. The game is 3D, although the graphics are not the best. I do like that students can build their own cities and try to figure out how to make an environmentally friendly city. The game offers a forum which has been used to discuss game strategy. I noticed some people were trying to design a city that produced no negative effects on the ecosystem.

How I Use It

This would be a fun game for students to play while studying how humans impact our planet. The game allows for students design a city with the objective of making the city run "clean." This allows students to measure how different energy sources impact ecosystems and see comparisons of the impact of one form of energy to the next.