Amazing platform for student exchange and interaction!

Submitted 4 years ago
Tiffany B.
Tiffany B.
Havasupai Elementary School
Lake Havasu City AZ, US
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My Take

I love Empatico as a teaching tool. It is simple to use, the lessons offered fit well with my age group, I/my students can choose the lessons that fit our standards and are of interest to us and the lessons are flexible for any ability level. My special needs students were able to participate just as much as my advanced students. The follow-up activities led to deeper understanding of the fact that, even though there are differences in geography, history and personal experience, students and classrooms all over the country and the world, share so many similarities. We referred to our conversations with our partner classes all year when were doing other lessons and my students were constantly asking when were going to be able to do another chat or if were going to have another partner class. I am working this summer on incorporating Emaptico lessons into my yearly calendar as they correlate with our quarterly standards. My hope for next year is to have a different partner class to share lessons with each quarter of school so my own students will have a greater opportunity to view the world outside of our classroom and community.

How I Use It

I have used the Empatico platform in my classroom multiple times with more than one partner classroom. The lessons provided by Empatico were a great place to start and introduce our classes to each other. In my case my cooperating teacher and I went on from there and allowed our students to develop their own questions for further understanding of our partner classroom.