How can you change the heart and mind of a child? Empatico is the place to start...for FREE!

Submitted 4 years ago
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Empatico is an amazing, one of a kind connection for global learning! I love that everything is in one central location and is a true support to teachers. The lessons that are available truly do support the curriculum and enhance what we are learning. Taking students on a trip outside of the four walls of our classroom is something bigger than I can teach them on my own. It's very empowering and means so much to them. This is an experience that my students will not forget. Weeks after our connection calls they were still talking about what was said or what they learned. It was amazing! To think that all of these opportunities can happen for FREE makes me want to just shout it from the rooftop to ALL educators! I am VERY passionate about global learning and opening up their hearts and mind to things outside of our town. Empatico is the ultimate experience for students AND teachers!

How I Use It

First of all, getting an account is FREE and who doesn't love that! Once you get logged in, it is super easy to navigate through. You need to figure out all the times that would work for your classroom and the subject that you would like to learn about. All of these topics easily fit in with what we have learned or were currently learning in our classroom. It's also awesome that you can make connections with many classrooms on the same subject to continue learning about the same topic in different areas. After you have set everything up, Empatico takes over. You will get matched with another classroom that shares a common time and topic interest. You and your partner teacher will connect on the dashboard to finalize the connection details. The best thing is that you can download an already made lesson plan for the entire call: before, during, and after! We spend a couple class periods learning and prepping for our connection. This builds lots of background knowledge and helps with questions that we would like to ask. The discussion between students becomes very powerful before the connection even happens! You use the crystal clear video that is provided through the Empatico dashboard. The students run the entire call and each student is apart of the call! One of my favorite parts is after the call...the reflection circle. We are able to dig deep in our classroom circle to find similarities and differences and how they felt about what was brought up in the call. Everything was VERY smooth and we absolutely loved all of our connections this year. Next year I will be starting off from day 1 with connections!