The Ah-ha Moment When Students Connect.

Submitted 4 years ago
Brittany B.
Brittany B.
James Cole Elementary School
Lafayette IN, US
My Rating

My Take

I would rate Empatico with a high rating. I feel Empatico is a bigger picture of what we all need in our communities, connection. Making connections with others is what Empatico is all about. My students were able to connect with others in a state that no one had been to for a visit. The students had multiple experiences using Empatico and each time the students asked how long until we can see our friends again. The students were able to connect and relate to other students that they had originally thought had little to no corresponding connections. I found joy in watching my students take ownership of the Empatico lessons and chats. I found myself smiling and thinking, this is what it's all about when my students were able to smile and laugh at how many connections they were making with our partner classroom. Overall, I cannot wait to use this in my classroom each year moving forward. A unique and wonderful experience is created when using Empatico.

How I Use It

The Empatico Platform is a tool for educators that fosters student connections. Empatico's platform allows teachers around the globe to connect classrooms. Using Empatico is easily managed and implemented in the classroom. One way Empatico was used in my classroom was through geography. My students were able to drive home the landmarks lesson we had previously covered in class with the Empatico platform lesson on landmarks. The students were able to narrow down the landmarks studied to relay the most important landmarks to our connected classroom students.