Empathy + Global Learning = Empatico for the Win!

Submitted 4 years ago
Darbie V.
Darbie V.
Minnie Cline Elementary School
Savannah MO, US
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My Take

This platform is so user friendly and really honors teachers' time. Empatico has designed their tool to use as little instructional time as possible to connect so that more time can be spent on meaningful interactions. The lessons help build an understanding of human geography and culture as well as topics you would commonly find in the standards. I look forward to seeing a variety of more lessons from them in the future!

How I Use It

We started off with the community lesson to learn about similarities and differences between our community and our pals' communities. I followed the lesson for consistency purposes but also gave my students the autonomy to make it their own, which enhanced the overall experience. They enjoyed learning about another community, even if it was in a nearby state. It was also great for my class, which has limited racial diversity, to see another class that was so diverse. That was very important to me as a teacher.