How do I inspire my students to see Spanish as a means to communicate, and while doing so, learn about themselves, the Spanish-speaking countries, and the world?

Submitted 4 years ago
Vicky M.
Vicky M.
Christ Episcopal School
Rockville MD, US
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My Take

I loved the collaboration that resulted with the matched class partner. We worked on the content and when we connected in real time, the students knew what they had to do, which helped everything go smoothly. Students understood that learning through the activities provided by Empatico and then speaking about that content with the partner class in another language helped them effectively communicate ideas, ... and in real time!

How I Use It

I teach Spanish as a second language. Through Empatico, I had the opportunity to connect my 5th grade class to another class of Spanish learners like themselves. Presenting the Empatico activities to my students helped me help my students develop curiosity, empathy, and respect for differences. Moreover, it helped them see their common humanity, despite their differences. I was glad to read one of my student’s reflection, it was “a good learning experience to practice speaking Spanish with people who we never met before.” Another one added, “It was a great way to communicate in Spanish to other people.” Another one said, “They were all so nice. This was so much fun!” Empatico opens doors to connect students!