Empatico has our students learning about the world, with their world! The units are engaging and the connections, both social & academic are lasting. If you want to bring kindness & empathy into your classroom in addition to great learning Empatico is it!

Submitted 5 years ago
Michael D.
Michael D.
Lake Shore Central Middle School
Angola NY, US
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My Take

I really like how user friendly the platform is. With a few clicks our class could set availability for collaboration with a partner class. The fact that Empatico handled the match based on similar availability across time zones was incredible. We made a great connection with our partner class and even collaborated on a kindness project outside of Empatico. Their hashtag is #SparkEmpathy and it lives up to this in so many ways. We were able to improve perspective taking, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Students also became active in improving their digital citizenship and understanding and respecting of others. I liked that there was no software to install in order to make a video connection with our partner class. The teacher dashboard also allowed me to easily communicate with the partner class teacher. Both of us could do so at a time convenient to us. Empatico didn't at all feel like one more thing to do. It was seemless integration and students genuinely got excited about the next activity or video connection. I want for all of my students to build empathy during their time in our classroom. Empatico delivered in this area and much more. I am grateful for discovering this tool.

How I Use It

I use Empatico to help improve global collaboration and integrate it into the curriculum. We chose Weather Out The Window and Community Cartographers. In both of these projects, students learned a lot about their local and school communites as well as the global and school communities of their partner school in another part of the world. The resources and lesson plans on the site were easy to access and well organized. There wasn't anything that didn't work for us. Empatico put together a great experience for our learners from start to finish. We'll be coming back year after year. The fact that it is and will always be free is another big plus.