Fast and simple way to assess alphabet skills that is interactive, fun and engaging for preschoolers. This app is time saving for teachers and free to download.

Submitted 6 years ago
Michelle N.
Michelle N.
Early Childhood Education Lecturer
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This interactive app provides a fun and easy way to assess children's emergent literacy skills and is suitable for children, parents, and teachers to use. Emergent literacy skills provide the early foundations of reading and writing. This app provides a summary of children’s letter name and sound skills and knowledge of words and numbers that can be instantly emailed to you. The results will highlight which skills your students need further help with. The assessments can be repeated at any time to follow children's emergent literacy growth. Parent and teacher tips are provided at the end of the app to help support children's learning further.

Young children will benefit from doing the assessments with a parent or teacher and older children may be confident to do the assessments by themselves.

How I Use It

Great and efficient tool to assess letter name and sound knowledge with summary of results available immediately to plan learning activities for children.