eduClipper just hasn't come through for me

Submitted 7 years ago
James Denby
James Denby
Educator/Curriculum Developer
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My Take

eduClipper is one of the tools I tried out in my quest for the ideal curation tool for my class. I got excited about eduClipper because it's specifically designed for the classroom. Unfortunately, the functionality fell short of expectations. The chrome extension for eduClipper did not work well, even when I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Just testing the site again recently, I found it to be UNintuitive to add something to a specific notebook/collection.

The strength of eduClipper is that it's primarily a community of educators. That means that you are sharing with (and benefitting from the shared materials of) teachers. You're more likely to find something you would never have stumbled upon through eduClipper than with other curation tools.

My students didn't really like eduClipper. Ultimately it came down to two primary reasons...

1. It didn't function well for them.
2. It seemed 'young'. Where the other tools are for anyone, eduClipper has a kid feel to it. When you teach middle school, sometimes that's a bad thing.

As noted in my other reviews, my top choices in this regard are Flipboard and Diigo.

How I Use It

I created several boards (collections) for different units in my curriculum. I added material to them (webpages, videos etc.) that students would be using to do research.

I shared these to students and enabled them to add to the collections as well. We ended up with a growing collection of material that everyone could use for research.