Edpuzzle makes viewing videos INTERACTIVE!

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Overall, Edpuzzle is a way to make a video interactive and student-centered. Rather than a teacher playing a video, clicking pause, and then trying to get students to discuss or take notes or interrogate the film based on what the teacher deems reasonable, Edpuzzle puts the student in control. They can rewatch. They can respond to written questions or quizzes. They can click on hyperlinks inserted by a teacher. They can review written comments or audio notes left by a teacher. Edpuzzle truly takes the viewing experience and slows it down for students and allows them to engage with it individually.

I avoid using DVDs in my class at all cost when it comes to teaching science or history or math. I will do anything I can to use a YouTube video that can be enhanced by Edpuzzle. My EL students, gifted students, and general education students all enjoy this, because they can move along at the pace that's right for them.

I can connect Edpuzzle to Hyperdocs or share via Google Classroom or with a link in an email. It allows students to view video, reflect on it, and learn from it like so many of us adults who take online video courses or rely on online training modules for continued professional development.

And it's fun. Viewing a film clip with a purpose or a task switches a student from a passivie recipient to an active viewer. My students love this. And so do I!

How I Use It

Imagine enhancing a web-based science or history video clip by inserting audio or typed comments from you the teacher directly to your students. Or why not add a reflective question based on something a student has just viewed? In Edpuzzle you can even insert short answer or multiple choice questions to quickly assess student understanding of concepts. I couple Edpuzzle with text we read (often from Newsela) or audio we listen to (often from Listenwise).

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