Best way to communicate, be in touch with your students, loved Assessments, it's very convenient having one place to gather and comment on student work. Quiz best way to see students understanding and best part is it's auto corrected.

Submitted 4 years ago
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Best tool to collect the evidence in one place.
excellent for collaboration and communication.
in love with assessment tool made my life easy as i'm subject teacher and teaching different year groups and number of classes so it's the best way to have all at one place.

How I Use It

weekly i'm sending them one project to work on with the due date to complete as i'm sending as assessment so it's easy for me to grade them and even check on those students who didn't tern in .
i'm working with different year groups so it's easy for me to make different small groups.
Polls i can use as exit ticket .
quiz is best way to check their understanding .
i ve made one cookery club , it's easy for me to communicated with my students .