Great classroom tool to have

Submitted 4 years ago
Demina N.
Demina N.
Galena Park High School
Galena Park TX, US
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My Take

Overall I like using Edmodo, my students like the fact they can send messages to me directly or send messages to the entire class if they need help and don't want to speak in front of the other students. Edmodo has increased awareness of those students that make be struggling with his or her lessons.

How I Use It

I use Edmodo in my classroom by assigning assignments to Edmodo and my students would login with the code for their class period. The students would do the assignment and submit the assignment back to me in Edmodo for me to grade. I also assign test to my students in Edmodo and the students can see their grade once the test is submitted. This is a great tool to use in my classroom.