The perfect tool to streamline your classroom experience!

Submitted 5 years ago
Lindsay K.
Lindsay K.
Gainesville Middle School
Gainesville VA, US
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My Take

I love that there are all kinds of resources, and that it is truly a community for both students and teachers. It streamlines everything from online collaboration to group work to grading. I love it!

How I Use It

This is my classroom hub. I have all of my students join, and all of my classroom resources are found on there. The students have access to links, videos, pictures, and reminders that I post to my class feed as well as access to folders that contain class materials, unit work, homework, and absent work. They vote on class topics, collaborate together as a class and in small groups, and even take quizzes on here. It integrates with Microsoft Office, and so they have access to a word processor that saves work automatically to their "backpack" (their own personal file storage. Students have access to any of their teachers who use Edmodo with just a simple code, and can navigate between pages as they need. It's a fantastic tool! Parents even have access to most aspects of the page so they can be kept up to date as well.