Incredible platform that mirrors a social media feed!

Submitted 5 years ago
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As I entered Edmodo for the first time I immediately recognized the format of the website because of its similarity to Facebook. You have a home page, assignments, progress, backpack, (where you store information) messaging, and notifications. These 4 main components to this site allow for easy access to important information and allows for you to stay up to date on your work load. This application doesn’t have a specific content area, however it does a great job allowing for the use of different areas of study.

How I Use It

Edmodo is a versatile platform used to learn, communicate and interact. Students and their teachers are able to use this online platform that is similar to the format of a Facebook or a social media feed. Yes, there are similar applications that do provide a comparable platform with a different interface. Hopefully the look of Edmodo will provide a familiar look to social feeds that will allow for an easier user interface. Because so many students are consumed by social media they are constantly put in the situation where they should dive into new platforms that are hard to learn. I use Edmodo on a daily basis for one of my other classes and I find it very user friendly and think it is a great platform that is easy to relate to. After using this platform I think that it could be used by anyone who is above 5th grade. I think most kids in middle school have social media accounts and can familiarize themselves with the technology. I think a teacher in a classroom would be able to assign readings or homework that would be easily accessible by the students. Not only is this a great tool used for accessing content but for many kids who don’t speak up in class it could give them the option and voice to speak up online and become engaged within the topic taught at that time.