Edmodo is terrible for teachers.

Submitted 7 years ago
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Edmodo is terrible for all of the following reasons:

1) Tech support takes days or weeks via email and you cannot get much done this way. I asked to pay more to get to talk to someone and they don't have that option.
2) Edmodo re-orders your assignments whenever it feels like and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. (I've asked them and they ignored the question)
3) Only one level of documents or files. You cannot create a file within any other file grouping. So everything is literally one level.
4) Whenever you save or upload something into Edmodo, you cannot re-edit the file. You have to make a new one. On other products, like Haiku--when you update on Haiku, it automatically updates. Also, on other products like Haiku, you can download the file, then update it, then send it back. kk
5) Edmodo is fine for people who are just starting to use computers in education. Otherwise, it really stinks. No flexibility, no editing. No tech support (essentially nothing).

I am a real teacher, not working for Edmodo.

How I Use It

The other reviews are written by people who work for Edmodo--that is the simple truth. I just thought you should know. I put remote assignments on here; as well as videos and examples of student work.